Lawrence Yoon

Software Developer

Where in the world?

Web application for displaying countries and their flags.
screenshot of countries app for tablet
screenshot of countries app for mobile

This web application utilizes an external REST api for retrieving country data ( Features include search and filter fields, dark mode, dynamic routes, responsive media breakouts, etc. Data is fetched upon the user clicking the 'fetch data' button, and the data is saved to local storage. Deployed with vercel.

Space Tourism

Web application for showcasing space tourism, and the people, destinations, and technologies involved.
screenshot of space tourism app for tablet
screenshot of space tourism app for mobile

This web application was created using the designer's figma design file. Features include dynamic routing, styled components with css modules, responsive media breakouts. Deployed with vercel.


Kanban web application to keep track of tasks.
screenshot of taskboard app

Full stack application made with the MERN (mongodb, expressjs, reactjs, nodejs)stack. Data is stored in a mongodb database. Passwords are hashed and salted, and session authorization with JWT tokens. Local storage version is available at the try me route. Deployed with cyclic.